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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIO The Movie

Last night was the premier of RIO a 3D animation movie. It's the new adventures from the makers of Ice Age.  The director Carlos Saldanha brings RIO as his homage to his hometown!

The movie tell the story of  Blu a macaw who has been transported when he was just newly hatched from the jungles of Brazil and was transported to Minnesota, USA. He was accidentally found and adopted by a very studious girl named Linda (Leslie Mann).
Growing up together for fifteen years, Blu is accustomed to a very domesticated life and has depended on Linda’s care all his life. But when Linda found out that Blu is actually the last of his kind together with another female blue Macaw known as Jewel (Anne Hathaway) living in Brazil – they set out on a journey to try to save Blu’s kind.

A  heartwarming story and all-new original music from icons and Jamie Foxx!!


  1. Love the video! Missing my city! You are a genius Sissi! Adore your blog! :)beijosss

  2. I know Carla that you miss it!!! Our tow is beatiful!!!